Thursday, 8 April 2010

First post.

Welcome to my new, personal blog. I have to admit i'm not totally new to this whole blogging malarkey, having previously written about my cycling exploits with my erstwhile team mate, and still girlfriend Rachel on . Whilst she continues to inhabit our old blog, i've moved on to pastures new creating this new place for my rotational thoughts.

So, what have i been up to since i wrote about the three peaks in late september of last year? Well, it's been a cold winter, but then i've always believed that i would prefer seasons to weather, and in many ways this past six months has proved me right. There have been some fantastic rides in the snow, where just staying upright felt like and achievement and once you come inside your face glows from the effort and the cold for a good hour before you warm up properly. Now, i'm ready for change, and change has arrived. Three weeks ago, i headed off to the Canarian island of Gran Canaria for some much needed spring sun, and of course some good riding. When i left, it was still grim and cold, ten days later and the spring greening seemed to be in full flight. Which means it's time to dust off the race bike!

This season i've gone for a slightly more relaxed start to the year - compared to last year where i wanted to try to be flying from March until September, i'm being a bit more circumspect. So many people seem to have felt like the first BMBS was the starting gun for their whole year, whereas i find myself sliding gradually into the racing habit - i've done one XC race at Black Park, and a marathon out in Gran Canaria, but it still feels like the season has hardly started. I even opted to give Sherwood a miss altogether, with my big aims coming in early september there seemed little point in trying to be in flying form in late march!

Anyway, i'm off to Builth Wells (via Worcester) tomorrow to indulge in a bit more marathon-ing (that's what AW cycles give me a bike for after all!) to ease myself further into the habit - i'll put a report up on here when i'm back next week. In the mean time, ride it like you stole it....

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