Tuesday, 12 April 2011

A Day in Photos.

Inspired by team mate Simon's recent blog about photos (see here http://simonernest.blogspot.com/2011/03/life-in-colour.html ), here's a photo "diary" of me exploring the Ochil Hills on the day of Paris Roubaix.

The Ochils, where i got genuinely confused as to which side of the road i should be on thanks to a combination of Alpine scenery, warm weather and no traffic. In fact, the only vehicle i saw on this whole stretch of road was a horse!

A view out over the Firth of Tay. Beautiful.

Twas a fair old climb up to the car park at Pitmedden forest, somewhere i've been meaning to try out on the MTB for a while. Someone leaned out of the back of a land rover to take my photo as i struggled up the hill too, which i thought was only adding insult to injury...

On the day of Paris-Roubaix, it just seemed right to hit the pave (or maybe grave, in fact), although cobbles were lacking (perhaps not a bad thing!). Even with road maintenance like this, I love Scotland.

The rather imposing silhouette of Falkland hill, where there's much more scary mtbing to be had - not sure i'm tough enough for it though.

Nearly home - heading for Ceres with the first buds of spring just starting to burst on the trees. Ah, bliss.

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